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Penang Heritage Day 2024

GTHC 2024 2024

Penang Heritage Day 2023

GQ’s annual event, the Men Of the Year Style Awards, also known as MOTY for short, is entering its tenth year in Taiwan this year. Every year, GQ selects men in fashion, business, entertainment, sports, art, technology and other industries that had outstanding performance and achievements that impacted their field in the year. The award applauds their efforts in enlivening unique styles in different fields and presenting the beauty in life. Thank you GQ Taiwan for giving us the opportunity to be a part of the animation design for this awards ceremony!

Penang City Branding

In our eyes, Penang is rich in nature,
A bustling city which shines in eternal green with its rolling hills decked with greenery.
A harbour city which preserves historical tales that’s never lost in its sea.
A vibrant city which thrives on the potpourri of its diverse cultures and heritage.
A friendly city which jumps at the chance to satisfy all the whims of vacationers.
Be Our Guest – Rediscover Penang.