Double & Two

Penang city branding 槟槟有礼



A bustling city which shines in eternal green with its rolling hills decked with greenery;

A harbour city which tells of a historical saga that’s never lost in its sea;

A vibrant city which thrives on the potpourri of its diverse cultures and heritage;

A friendly city which jumps at the chance to satisfy all the whims of vacationers.

Be Our Guest. Rediscover Penang.

Now that we’ve successfully flattened THE curve, it’s time to go on a long-awaited Malaysian style ‘Cuti-Cuti Malaysia’!

Let the historic city of Penang welcome you with a more charming new look.With our creativeness, we hope to shed more light on the image of Penang and, with our design prowess, inject new life into the city we were born and raised in.

And you can do the same for the city you call HOME, too!


“PENANG GIFTS OF GRACE” Innovative Souvenir Plan!

From ancient times to the present, whenever visiting relatives or clients, souvenirs play a crucial role in connecting relationships. Depending on different holidays and occasions, the choice of gifts varies, highlighting the significance of the gift-giving culture in daily life.

Penang, though just a small island, holds a tremendous wealth of culinary and cultural energy.

• The purpose of the “Penang Gifts of Grace” plan is to collaborate with various sectors to drive innovation in the cultural and creative souvenir industry, collectively crafting representative souvenirs for Penang. We integrate elements of Penang’s Nyonya culture into the design, offering three different variations. This allows every visitor to Penang to take a piece of the city back home to share with family and friends.