Double & Two


GQ’s annual event, the Men Of the Year Style Awards, also known as MOTY for short, is entering its tenth year in Taiwan this year. Every year, GQ selects men in fashion, business, entertainment, sports, art, technology and other industries that had outstanding performance and achievements that impacted their field in the year. The award applauds their efforts in enlivening unique styles in different fields and presenting the beauty in life. Thank you GQ Taiwan for giving us the opportunity to be a part of the animation design for this awards ceremony!

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Most Young


Most Young is a Traditional Chinese health and wellness platform. By sharing health knowledge, health planning, and providing various tips and solutions, they help people achieve a balanced physical and mental health. In our design concept, we incorporated more Chinese cultural elements, combining it with simple and elegant colours to create a wellness brand with a distinct Chinese style. Furthermore, we are also responsible for Most Young’s social media content curation and visual design, presenting a more consistent and complete brand image.